Working Women Smashing the Indian Stereotype and How!

Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March to mark the achievements of women around the world. Indian women have come a long way from being humble house wives to being Scientists, CEOs, Olympians, Pilots,World Leaders and lot more. We don’t need a day to honour us and tell us how independent, outstanding and awesome we are; we do amazing things every single day.

Women no longer make compromises in their career and their lives. They are independent thinkers who take up challenging roles at work and justly deserve parity in gender based pay scale.

We aren’t the better half anymore, we are the equal half.

Here are some of the areas where Indian women are breaking the stereotype every single day.

Sharing the burden:

Long gone are the days when Indian women would pass on the opportunity for a promotion for the fear of not being able to take up the extra job responsibility. Women are not only going after promotions but are also demanding bigger pay cheques.

With their growing salaries women are now able to share the burden of the family expenses and are contributing their share of money. I personally know some extraordinary women who have gone to the extent of taking full financial responsibility of the family while their spouse are trying to launch a start-up. And then there are some special ones who have sent their men on a full expense paid vacation.

Not their father’s burden but their papa’s pride:

There was a time when girls dreamt of getting married to their prince charming in a lavish wedding even before having met Mr Right. They would already know what would be the colour of their wedding dress, who would do their makeup, what jewellery they would wear etc, and have absolutely no clue what all these things would cost and whether their parents would be able to afford it or not.

Girls nowadays are more responsible when it come to expenses. A lot of the young girls are sharing their parent’s burden by paying for their own trousseau, hair, makeup, jewellery among other stuff. Many of them have started saving money from the start of their career for major life events like wedding, honey moon and even higher studies.

Supporting their parents:

In 2016, the Bombay High Court said that married daughters are also obligated to maintain their parents. This landmark ruling broke the age old outlook the society had towards daughters considering them to be weak and a burden; thus acknowledging that daughters are no lesser than the sons. And even before this, daughters whether married or unmarried were happily doing their every bit to support their parents from bearing their medical expenses to sending them on holidays.

Baking their cake and eating it too:

Like some of the top actresses from bollywood mentioned how they don’t need men to buy them diamonds, our very own desi divas are buying their solitaires and their very fancy designer bags. They work hard and party hard too. They don’t wait on their birthdays for men to buy for them flowers or gifts; if they like something they see, they get it themselves.

Time to unleash the goddess within

Every young Indian working woman has a capability to earn; however, still most are not financial independent. I know a lot of eyebrows just went up.

Financial independence is not just about earning big bucks but also about managing money and investing it wisely in instruments that allow it to grow and make your dreams achievable. We are still relying on the men in our lives to guide us with our finances, and the truth is that they might not know any better themselves.

So take charge of your finances, plan your future and invest your money regularly through an SIP in mutual funds to ensure that no dream is left behind. Do some research; start making short and long term goals. Create an emergency fund, a family fund and a ME fund which would take care of all your dreams from owning a solitaire to a Louis Vuitton bag.

Mintwalk wants financial independence for everyone especially women. We want you to plan your finances better so that you can go ahead and live your life with pride and dignity on your own terms, without having to depend financially on any man.

Mintwalk is proud of the Indian Goddess in you and would consider it their honor to be your financial partner and ensure your no dream is left behind.

Start making better financial choices. Begin Now.


Written by Preeti Chauhan
Certified Financial Planner & a newbie Runner