Not Planned your Winter Vacation Yet? Why You Need To Start Now

Mornings on a white sandy beach with the winter sun all balmy and golden is my absolute winter dream. Posting pictures of my exotic vacation on Instagram is all I dream about.

Goa seems to be the ideal destination this winter. And you might need a little more than sunscreen and shades to make it worthwhile! We have some tips to plan your next winter vacation.

Since crunching expenses is not my style, I always love to plan in advance. Plan your winter vacation well if you want to avoid – reducing the number of nights or compromising on hotel quality. 

So here is a quick guide on how to save some bucks to package a fantastic trip.

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Stack up the cash

Begin at bigger goals like flight tickets. Don’t stop until you have chalked out every little detail as petite as a beer fund. This gives you a realistic budget for the vacation and enough time to save up. Keep a check on the push notifications from your travel apps. Months in advance, book flights at the cheapest cost and reserve your travel dates in advance.

Scramble the internet

Flash sales and early bird offers are just waiting to fly off the shelf. Deal websites will do their best to reach you so let them in. Absorb every bit of the internet over the next 10 months.  

Go local

Eating at popular local joints will reward you with authentic food experiences. Avoid hotel restaurants and ones that only flatter you with ambiance. Pre-research phase is for listing down all these recommendations.

Wholesome information

Official tourism websites always have the best advice. They also have the best deals within their zone. Get notified of upcoming festivals and cultural events.

On the go!

Mobile apps can be handy. Make your itinerary on TripIT. Split money with friends on Splitwise. Save up a little amount monthly and earn returns on it with MintWalk. For example, if you set aside Rs. 3000 every month for 10 months, you would have Rs. 30,000 right?


MintWalk gives you back interest on your monthly savings by investing it for you and after 10 months you can expect more than Rs. 30,000. Get started in less than 5 minutes. Download the app here.

The world has moved on to using the phone beyond calling and clicking. 

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Written by apeksha harihar
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