Double your Money in 10 Years with MintWalk

In 10 years, if you invest Rs. 10,000 per month into SIP, you are actually saving about Rs. 12 lakhs and staying invested for 10 years ensures a return of Rs. 24 lakhs, which is double the amount invested. This is how wealth is created.

You are at a stage of life where your bank account no longer trends to Zero as often as when you had started working. You think about saving a part of the surplus salary but often wonder would this monthly saving amount to much.

The answer to this million dollar question is not so straightforward and it depends on the following


Usually people tend to keep their money in savings account or fixed deposits for very low returns – currently between 4% to 7% pre-tax and 3% to 5% post-tax.

When you choose to save a slice of your income, you got to make it grow/make . When you have a surplus of Rs. 10,000 in your account just lying idle, you are losing out on earning value for that money.

But when you choose to invest it, you can begin creating wealth for the future. It is hard to imagine your future self but it has the same needs that you have today.

When instead they can invest it into best mutual funds, which are safe and offer double the returns in the long run.

The best way to invest Rs. 10,000 per month is to start an SIP investment (Systematic Investment Plan). You can either automate or manually debit this money from your savings account. Fortunately with the options today you do not have to think about the confusing paperwork that comes along. You can use your smartphone and follow the steps on our app.

This ensures discipline towards investing and your money also remains liquid.

Growing money in the long term

 We are in 2018 and going by the 10-year calculation, lets target 2028 as the year of returns. Of course, you can keep the investment shorter or longer than that. The good thing about our app is you can track your earnings on the go. If you reach your goal earlier, you can always choose to withdraw. Or if you have to use the money for something else, it reaches your bank account with 3 days of withdrawal.

Since you choose to keep it for 10 years, we suggest 60% equity and 40% debt. Precisely because equity is safe in the long run. If you had chosen 3 years, the ratio would have probably changed to 70% debt and 30% equity. Hence the longer you keep your money, the more we invest in equity, faster your money grows. Also, having a component of debt in your portfolio ensures that your risk even in the short term is minimized.

In 10 years, if you put Rs. 10,000 per month into best SIP plan, you are saving about Rs. 12 lakhs and staying invested for 10 years ensures a return of Rs. 24 lakhs, which is double the amount invested. You are beating inflation, taxes, adding value to your money and creating a source of wealth.

With SIP an investor can benefit from massive potential of compounding over time. It allows small periodic investments, not taking away from your other financial commitments. The chart below shows exactly how much value you earn on staying invested over 5 years at an average annual return of 12%.

return on investment

Attaching a goal to your investments is always recommended. Goal based investing motivates an investor to fulfill their goals and stay invested for a certain period of time.

MintWalk recommends the best mutual funds to invest on the app as well as suggest the best balance between equity and debt mutual funds based on goals, age, duration of investment to optimize the best returns for you. Don’t keep your money idle for one more day.

Start making better financial choices. Begin Now.


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